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 Bethany's funders

Bethany's operating costs are approximately R130 000 per month.


Bethany would not survive without the generous  support from a number of companies,  churches and individuals.



Bethany was proudly funded by the following organisations over the past few years  -


-    Anglo American's Chairman's Fund;

-    De Beers Trust;

-    Ambassadors for Good;

-    RB Hagart Trust;

    -    E Bellairs Trust;

-    Robert Niven Trust;

-    Linda Nagel Foundation;

-    R&C Mining;  

-    Rotary;  and

- Woodlands Lodge.

Together with the churches and many wonderful individuals and companies.

To everyone who continues to make Bethany a success -

we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


The Bethany kids playing 

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