What's happening now at Bethany

The Bethany sewing and crafts programme


As part of Bethany's occupational therapy, Bethany has a sewing and crafts programme.


Here, the women of Bethany make the most beautiful picnic blankets, quilts, oven gloves, aprons and cosmetic bags, christmas decorations as well as jewellery and other crafts.



The Bethany sewing and crafts programmes provides the women of Bethany with much-needed pocket money.



If you are interested in purchasing anything, 

please check out the Stitch facebook page 

for prices as well as where you can buy Bethany's crafts!



Our volunteers and funders organise day trips for the Bethany women and kids, whether to the local park, the zoo or movies!


This also includes special events such as Christmas and Easter parties.


Bethany's Shop


The Bethany shop sells some

of the donations that we

can’t use at Bethany.


There are several families

who buy from us and sell on to people in more affluent areas.  



The shop not only provides the Bethany women with some pocket money, but also provides  the on-sellers with a living so that they  can provide for their families.

Duduzile Duru, who runs Bethany's shop and garden.

To find out more about Bethany, please contact:

Bridget Edwards (Manager)


Phone: 011 614 3245

Fax: 011 624 2647

Postal address:

Box 16612

Doornfontein, Johannesburg


South Africa

go to the Stitch facebook page to check out our crafts for sale