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What Bethany provides

We believe that the key to Bethany's success is a holistic rehabilitation.

That is why we not only provide a safe haven but also provide psychological and physical rehabilitation and support, and moreover, strive to empower each woman to become self-supporting and economically independent.

Take a look at a video recently made by one of our funders of the work we do:




Below is a list of some of the things we provide at Bethany -

  -   accommodation and food;

  -   a safe and loving environment;

  -   counselling for the women and their children;

  -   referrals for medical attention;

  -   legal assistance from highly qualified volunteers;

  -   assistance in obtaining identity documents and other documents;

  -   occupational therapy in the form of craft participation;

  -   career counselling;

-   training in various vocations and skill-sets which enable the women to find  sustainable employment;

-   assistance in finding the Bethany women employment; and

  -   assistance in placing the Bethany kids into pre-schools and schools.


Bethany Home Johannesburg Bridget Edwards
Bethany Home Johannesburg Bridget Edwards

The Bethany women making their beautiful crafts

Bethany Home Johannesburg Bridget Edwards
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